Never Ending Lust

Never Ending Lust

We have become part of a society where rape is getting the most common yet most heinous act, a person doesn’t hesitate in performing this crime. No one is safe anywhere, neither at home nor in grave, neither a 5-year-old girl nor a woman in car going out with her kids for an emergency. No one is trustworthy enough to rely your life on, either if it’s your relative or your neighbor. The only trust we can put in is Allah and our parents. Unfortunately, we are living in an era where we’re growing technically every single hour; but when it comes to supporting someone emotionally or morally, we are far behind than the era of darkness. We start throwing the mud on victim’s character and considering the fact that majority of the rape victims are girls, the society doesn’t miss a single second in making the victim guilty by saying things they shouldn’t like “You’d have worn any dress which would’ve tempted him to get close to you” or even “Why wasn’t your veil on your head?” and then the worst one comes “What was the need of going out alone without any male member of your family?” A girl is kidnapped in front of a MALE, how can you guarantee she is safe even around a male member of her family?

Every rape incident, silence of the authorities and culprits being free to roam around the city has made many other innocent girls and families to get into the fear of their respect being lost, many girls feel depressed with the thought that it could be any of us. Till when daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers be a source of such men’s lust? When the silence of authorities will break? How many more flowers of nation? Have we ever pondered over the question that why do they act like a wild animal? Don’t they have sisters and daughters at their home? Or do they treat them even the worst way? Where does the sense of abducting a woman come from? It’s all because of being familiar to things like “nudity”, constant consumption to anything leads to addiction and If you are constantly being open to it, the urge in you to do upheaves, the more you watch the more desperate you become to commit it. Even when the websites are banned, we still have access to such sites, what difference does that make? You are watching it till the time you want to; till the time you don’t end up doing it. The minds of young are being polluted by it which is destroying our generations. Gadgets and social media are ruining generations to the core. They find satisfaction in doing it forgetting the fact that how badly it can affect someone’s life, how they leave someone in awe and how they kill them in a way that they are neither dead nor alive. Constant wish to die keeps on emerging their mind, their soul ruptures in a way that nothing can heal it. A constant trauma, embarrassment and shame becomes their fate, but why would it bother you? Till the time it’s not your sister or daughter. Why would it bother you? You enjoy the helplessness of an innocent. Why would it bother you? You don’t even feel ashamed of calling yourself a MAN.

We have talked over it more than the times we could’ve, but the question is “TILL WHEN?”

Every girl should be taught self-defense. She should know that if any gaze makes her feel uncomfortable, how she is supposed to pull those eyes out of sockets, if any hand makes her feel guilty how she is supposed to break that hand. The era we have entered in to bounds every girl literally EVERY GIRL to learn how to protect herself, its high time to look after your respect YOUR OWNSELF, we can’t rely on the government or the authorities anymore. The difference between good and bad touch should be given to the children from an early age, self-defense should become part of curriculum in every institute. They should be trained on how to use tools like knife to protect themselves. However, the rapist should be given immediate punishment to stop it for the future. A punishment which is set as an example for decades and by recalling of it a person may feel shivers down his spine and goosebumps all over his body, where watching a woman crossing the street makes you lower your gaze. We have had enough sacrifices of the daughters of nation. Let it be an end now.

By Syeda Wajiha Ali