Nature’s Lullaby

Nature's Lullaby

Nature was numb.
People were dumb.
Tell me something, that is yet not sung.
Gush, gush silent winds sung
“Nature’s lullaby”

Creatures were boom.
Surrounding was a dream.
Tell me something, that is yet not felt.
Slowly, slowly soothing lush winked “
” Nature’s lullaby”

Inner soul living.
Outer body dying.
Tell me something, that is yet empty.
Gusto, Gusto nature layers opening, to sing.
” Nature’s lullaby “

Hold my hand, and begin your day.
Tell me your pain, I am your today’s main.
Cuddled up yourself, I have millions of shadows to conceal.
Come closer to me, I have the heavens wind to caress your face.

Dive into me, I will wash away all your worries.
Step into my world, I have tall alpine and olive trees for your hunger.
Look deep into me, I have fumes of clouds to give you a fairytale.

Sit with me, I have blooming flowers for your gloomy heart.
Stare at me, I have all geometrical shapes of beauty.
Speak to me, I have the sweetest melody to whisper in your ears.

Pick the best in my kingdom, I have the meticulous beauty of the universe.
Dusty flowers are white sand in hand.
Sunflower is insignia to your beauty.
Trees, most handsome hunks to mingle with.

Flickering sunlight, to brighten up your drunken eyes.
I have the best nectar in the world for you.
Cut your throat, sip it in a one go.

You know it’s rain from cotton balls.
Dance as your heart is free, in the white and blue paint.
It is nothing but nature’s miracle in the white drain.

I am your today’s host. I am your today’s date.
Stop before you go, tell me the next date. We shall meet again.
Who are you?
I am “Nature’s lullaby”.

Javeria Kamil