Muniba Mazari: An Inspirational And Iconic Human Being

Muniba Mazari

Who knew that a woman who had injuries in her body and had been lying in a hospital bed for two years would become a UN Goodwill Ambassador. Indeed, she has proved it that where there is will there’s definitely a way.

After watching two interviews of Muniba Mazari, I have realized that how brave, strong and independent woman she is. In a TEDx Talk in Islamabad, she was telling her own story; when she was going back to Rahim Yar Khan, but unfortunately, she met a car accident after that. She rushed into a nearby hospital, but the doctors refused to operate her because of lack of equipment. Then she was shifted to Karachi where she got proper treatment, but because of severe accident she got six injuries in her body. And because of having six injuries in her body, which involved two fractured finger bones, two fractured knees, and also a damaged spinal cord, the doctors told her she could not walk for her entire life. And by listening to that she was very devastated and heartbroken, and she thought she would do nothing but just lie down in a hospital bed. Her life would be colorless and nothing will change.

Muniba Mazari at TEDx Talk in Islamabad

But one day, after being so depressed and helpless she cogitates that there should be something I can do to fill my life with colors, and that was the time she started doing painting, and then she painted for a long time and became an artist. After her recovery from the injuries the doctors prescribed her to use wheelchair for her convenience, but she did not lose hope and started working as a Content Writer for a long time. With the passage of time, she did a polio campaign and through that she became a Social Media Sensation. Today she is a Motivational Speaker and give speeches to youth in different platforms. She has represented Pakistan in United Nations, and she is also known as “The Iron Lady of Pakistan”.

Her Message For Youth: Don’t die before your death and do good for yourself and for your country. If you want to excel in your life be grateful for what you have in your life.

By Simran Basit