Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib: A Teen Working For ‘Pakistani Youth’

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib is a young digital creator hailing from Kahuta, a city in Pakistan’s District of Rawalpindi. He is the Co-Founder of National Youth Talent, an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Social Media Activist, Content Creator, and Philanthropist.

As we know that youth is the backbone of any nation, if they are guided well, they can make history and nation wise. He embarked on a journey to invest his time to unwind and tap the true potential of youth to enable them to realize their dreams with a special focus on leadership and empowerment.

At a very young age, when he was 15 he became part of some social media campaigns and he began to raise the voice for social issues. Bilal Bin Talib started by taking interviews of successful people. He became part of some youth organizations. In 2019, he met a famous writer and speaker, Muneeb Arfi, and they exchanged their views with each other, and their bond became so strong that they founded an organization named “National Youth Talent.”

National Youth Talent (NYT) Pakistan is an effective Pakistani non-profit youth platform dedicated to making the youth technically and technologically skillful, competent, active, independent, entrepreneurs, and well-aware about social responsibilities.

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib receiving award at an event

Besides this, he also collaborates with corporate sector organizations to provide hands-on solutions to help solve day-to-day business challenges by developing their human capital, strategy, and brand building. Hundreds of thousands of people are engaged with him through social media. His programs enable individuals and organizations to overcome the upcoming challenges of the 21st century and assist organizations to start scaling ever greater heights.

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib started developing his team by giving the possible solutions to the problems in the form of organizing some useful sessions with the splendid experts (motivational speakers, media advisory people, artists, and professionals in digital marketing).

Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib with Cengiz Coskum (Turget Bey)
Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib with Nurettin Sönmez (Bamsi Bey)

He has become a trend setter and icon of youth who is amazingly promoting Pak Turk Friendship. He is appreciated by many famous Turkish celebrities from the drama series “Ertugral Gazi.” He got the opportunity to meet with Cengiz Coskum (Turget Bey), Nurettin Sönmez (Bamsi Bey), Cavit Çetin Güner (Dogan Alp), Mehmet Pala (Kutluja Alp), Gokhan Karacik (Derwish) and many more. These are all brilliant stars of the Ertugral Series. He has also conducted online interviews with many Turkish stars.

Through his writings and motivational speeches, Muhammad Bilal Bin Talib attempts to give possibilities, operational ways, potential, and hope for solving all sorts of social or burning issues within their available resources and possible means. Not only that, he encourages and helps youngsters to find their dreams and make their visions practically true. He can be reached via his facebook.

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