Modern Jail Set Up Is Landing In Punjab

Jail of Pakistan

Change is Constant, these types of lines touch our eyeballs many times in life. When everything around us is changing, then why not outdated Pakistani Jails? Punjab is heading towards the establishment of new “Modern Jail” in Lahore, Pakistan.

Current Condition of Pakistani Jail

Let’s dig more details out of it!

The Infrastructure of Modern Jail:

Lahore is soon to have one of the most modern jails in the country on the pattern of jails designed in the United States (US). Consequently, the focal persons of the police department were sent to the United States to acquire about the construction and structures of American prisons to establish prison cells according to modern planning in Pakistan.

Infrastructure of Prison Cell in the United States

On return from the visit of the United States, the jail authorities reported that the barracks and cells in prison would be equipped with double beds and would have around-the-clock monitoring via CCTV cameras.

Undoubtedly, United States has the top-class infrastructure for prison cells all over the world!

Number of Prisons in Modern Jails:

According to recent reports, the Punjab Province will establish a modern prison complex for women and child prisoners. The Jail Authorities revealed that the advanced jail would be able to accommodate the following number of prisoners:

  • 1,502 minor children
  • 300 women

Revised Manual for Modern Jail:

On the whole, Punjab’s administration has already taken steps to modernize the prison system, including revising the prison handbook for inmates across the state and offering meat-based meals six days a week. The breakfast menu has changed to mashed potatoes, grams, and halwa with tea and plain bread for the prisoners. 

Showcase Products:

Talented inmates made their products in their spare time using whatever materials they could find in their cells. In addition to the modern jail setup, the provincial administration is also figuring out to rehabilitate prisoners. For this purpose, authorities are seeking to facilitate prisoners to showcase their products.

Final Observation:

Setting up Moder Jail in Pakistan is a bold step towards providing a chunk of facilities to the imprisoners that need to be teated on humanitarian grounds, especially minor children and women.

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