Mahinder Pal Singh Aims To Represent Pakistan Cricket Team

Mahinder Pal Singh

Pakistan serves as a homeland to many religious minorities, Sikh being one of the most prominent ones. However, no Sikh player has ever represented Pakistan on the international cricket stage. Defying all odds, Mahinder Pal Singh has opted to pursue a career in cricket as a right-arm fast bowler. He first appeared in the headlines when back in 2016, he became the first Sikh national to be a part of a camp of emerging players in the National Cricket Academy. The 24 years old is also a university graduate and is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program of Sports Sciences at Lahore Garrison University.

Historically, only two Sikhs played professional cricket in Pakistan, but they could not make it to the highest level. Therefore, Mahinder aims to be the icebreaker for his community. In the recent past, test cricketer Danish Kaneria and Ex-Captain Yousuf Yohanna (now Muhammad Yousuf) proudly wore the green badge on their chest, irrespective of their religious affiliations. These players are an inspiration for anyone who dreams of playing for Pakistan.

In a recent interview, Mahinder Pal Singh said, ‘It would mean so much to me to play for Pakistan against India at any cricket level. I have relatives and a lot of fans in India, especially from Punjab. They always wish me well and say that if I ever play for Pakistan, they will support me and Pakistan’. Mahinder dreams of excelling in the sport and represent Pakistan on an international platform. However, positivity oozes out of his statement, promoting peace and religious harmony among the two countries and faiths.

The right-arm fast bowler considers Waqar Younas and Aaqib Javed to be his bowling ideals. He believes he has much cricket left in him, and he is just one major break away to showcase his talent and make his way into the team. There is no doubt that Mahinder can secure a place in the national team with constant dedication and determination. Still, he has a long journey ahead of him, as he has to prove his promising potential to the world.