Machine Men, Machine Hearts

Men are turned into Machines of Time.
With less Originality and more of a Mime.
A Greed of Dime has poisoned Men Souls, while being less Sensible and more of Droll.
Hearts are turned as Beating Machines.
With less of a Love barricaded with Hate.
Machine Men, Machine Hearts, a Creature of Speed.
Have turned more Skeptical and less of a Heed.
Less of a Machinery and more of a Humanity.
We need less Expectations and a little more Feel.
Being less Clever and a little more Humane.
To those who Hear,
do not Despair,
The Bitterness of Men,
who Fear being Humane.
Without being Gentle, all Inventions are Invain.
These Inventions cries out for a Goodness in Man.
Machine Hearts and Machine Man, All lies within Humanity the rest is Bane.

Noor Ul Ain Khawaja