Losing Someone’s Spotlight

Losing Someone's Spotlight

When you were being in the spotlight of someone’s Love and you feel being replaced then leave your place honorably because this world is temporary and so are the things associated with it. You can never be loved by anyone all the time all the way all the same. Love is something you can’t control. Your place in someone’s heart in someone’s life is not something you can create on your own. The same you the same character of your the same traits of your can be normal for someone and the same can be the most influential for someone. It’s not you who make your own place in someone’s heart and decide your worth in their life. They decide on their own where to put you in their life. If people say continue to love them, continue to respect them, continue to serve them and you will eventually enter their lives and hearts. No ! no way it can happen if they themselves don’t want it. If they don’t want it no matter how much you serve how much you love how much you care how much you sacrifice how much you suffer nothing matter if they don’t want it you can never enter in someone’s heart on your own.