Life: Scar Or Blessing

Life: Scar or blessing

The world seems so beautiful.
but sometimes it becomes the worst nightmare.
No matter how strong and ambitious you are,
It’s foolish, searching for peace in this cruel world.
The world is a book,
you will see a new story on each page,
maybe some will make you laugh,
some will make you cry,
some will make you feel loved and some may make you depressed.
Every chapter has a new feeling you don’t know,
how will it end happy or tragic?
But the curiosity will make you read that book with interest,
Similarly, you don’t know
what this world has decided for you
whether you will have a happy end
or will have a tragic death,
still, you want to breathe and you will feel the freedom in every breath.
Make the world beautiful by your deeds and existence.
a funeral is a must
but don’t make it happen by your own hands.
Open up and feel the warmth, You will find a purpose.