Life is not a bed of roses, 
It is difficult and challenging.

With every step that I take,
I can feel the thorns making my little heartache.

Every person I encountered on my way,
Gave me lessons I can never forget.

Some gave me memories, others gave me heartbreaks.
Making me matured before my age. 

They are all parts of my story, 
Playing their characters efficiently. 

On my way, I made friends and had relationships,
Due to which now I am a part of other people’s tales.

I realized everything will go smoothly,
Till I agree with them completely.

Now the question arises if I am happy with it,
Well, here I will take a long sigh.

Letting my audience decide,
What I should reply?

Because it no longer remains my tale,
It’s a part of everyone who is struggling on their way. 

Hadia Imran