Life and Living

Life and Living

There is a different kind of people living in this world. If I categories them then The First Category is the kind of people who come to live in this world with an epicurean motto of ‘’Eat, drink & be merry’’. They born to work for a well-settled materialistic luxurious life and then forget about the world which has no death.

The second category is those people who always have a negative point out of every positive vibe. They always complained about the things going wrong in their life. Consequently, their suffering always ended with no suffering but their mental dilemma.

The final category is the kind of people I recently met and happened to learn out of their knowledge and experience. They are the people who live the life of a purpose.

‘’Nothing can heal your wound but a purpose of life’’


They also feel the pain of society and work on the core problems. This workshop was also one of those steps to educate the people about the real meanings of life.
I recently attended their one-week workshop with the name of Life and Living. That comprehensive name grabs my attention. The word Life in itself a living then why they separate the name? The question takes me in their session.
I am also glad to have the opportunity to write about the lessons I have learned and ready to practice.

Lesson No 1:-
We should follow an excellent rule to live each day as we will die tomorrow. Such an attitude would emphasize sharply the rules of life. In the current scenario, society is on the verge of chaos. Morality is facing death. The nasty behavior of youth is really disappointing… To speak about such obscene events is the need of the hour. We should be keen on our indecent behavior towards life. We should live each day with gentleness, vigor, and a keenness of appreciation. This only can happen if we speak about the nasty public events.

Lesson No 2:-
Life is just like a relay race. The day when you born your race also gets a start and as being the responsible member of your team you have to follow the rules of this life-race. It cannot be done if we keep sitting still. Remember in a relay race if you stand still you will lose not only the game but also will be responsible for the entire team’s decline. Your team will be your family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Yes, you pushed in this race un-intentionally but your success determined by your performance. So, stand up, realized your duty, take your goal, run your pre-set distance carry your baton before passing it onto the next runner.

Lesson No 3:-
Be the change you wish to see in others

Lesson No 4:-
Movement is the sign of life and mental movement is the sign of a healthy brain. Learn and practice the art of chasing time. It is the same as the theory of Time Travel in physics. A wise person always uses their time in productive activities. Islamic history proved that time has stopped for certain reasons just try to figure out how you can stop your time? This how will leads you in having plenty of time this is also a life taking journey to acquire and this is what which I take as being my task. And I am sure one day I will be able to control my time.

In a nutshell, I can conclude this workshop that the only game is ours, we are the runner we are the game changer and we are the center of focus. Try to understand your worth and your purpose in life. Figure out your responsibility and start work.
Wake up today for your better tomorrow and feel that you are really living or passing your life only.
Thanks to those who provoke my pencil to think and write.
Because life should be worth living.