Life – An Amazing Opportunity

Life - An Amazing Opportunity

Today I am here with my very first post, so I’ll talk about the most important and philosophical topic which is “LIFE”.💝
I’ll tell you about my ideology of life. I think life is a different concept for different people. Everybody has their own sentiments on this concept.
Some people are happy with their lives but some are not.
In my perspective, I think life is actually the opportunity to please ALLAH (SWT) by your good deeds, your behavior with people, your services, the tasks you accomplish during this opportunity.☘
Life is a JOURNEY, which is a combination of peaks and valleys, but the greats are those who recall ALLAH SWT and those who don’t let the peaks be so high and valleys be too low by their endeavors.🌸🌸
Life is a question that can’t be answered by a person but one can decide how he/she wants to spend his/her existence.
In my view, we should spend our lives by “making someone smile, giving courteousness💫 the major importance in our lives, doing good deeds to people we have around us as they will be witnessed on the day of judgment.”

Sharing some of the viewpoints of some people when I asked them What is life according to them.

I think life is a mystery…u have planned something..but things just go opposite sometimes…as we know it’s all planned or written by Allah what we can do is to accept the reality and go with the flow and see what’s our Allah has planned for us💞

I’ve read somewhere “زندگی دکھ ہے اور خود ہی اس کا مدا مداوا بھی” that literally goes right…You don’t always get what you want from life, but the important thing is to appreciate what you get and don’t let yourself be a victim of endless desires.

I think life is a gift from Allah… We should try to live it according to the teachings of Islam…..🔥

aaaha…… LIFE….. I can’t explain this small word but with huge meanings in a single word….. but… Love…. Inspiration….. Freedom…..Engage…. near me, These Four words make LIFE… love other unconditionally, inspired by others good deeds, give freedom to spend their lives according to them, engage your self with others to make them happy…. spend your life for a good purpose…….”🖤

I’ll end up this post by quoting some words;

“The meaning of life is to give life a meaning”🤗

By Pablo Picasso
What’re your impressions on life, comment down below?
P.S. All the Posts on this blog are exclusively based on my opinions, you may agree with them, you may disagree too, it’s completely okay!
Mahnoor Zubair