Lahore: Pakistan’s Very Own Pollution Mogul

Lahore Pollution

As the second wave of Covid-19 surged profoundly in the urban vicinities of Pakistan; the city of gardens has fallen a victim to the perilous smog and air pollution.

With augmenting cases of stubble burning, illegitimate transportation systems, unsanctioned disposal of domestic waste –  the air calibre of the city has once again marked in the ‘very poor’ category by the international forums.

In the recent past, IQair – Switzerland based air quality information platform; named Lahore as the second most polluted city following India’s capital, Delhi – the first on the list. On cue, the officials have warned millions of the inhabitants of the city about the parlous and dreadful aftershocks of air pollution including; multiple respiratory diseases and eye-related problems.

In these difficult times of pandemic, the deteriorating air levels of Lahore has put a subsidiary burden on the shoulders of the already frail health care unit of Pakistan.

During these fragile circumstances, the precautionary measures should be observed vigilantly. Wearing a mask outdoors, running an air purifier, closure of windows to cease any sort of contact with the contaminated air and steer clear of gratuitous outdoor activities should become a norm tradition.

Hence, it is high time that the government spares Lahore a glance and takes charge of this hazardous situation. Otherwise some inevitable foreseen conditions may betide.