Keep Your Adventure Alive

Keep Your Adventure Alive.

Travelling is one of the thrilling hobbies in life. It is a source of learning, cultural exchange as it creates a good impact on one’s life and it becomes the best memories of us. So far, I have not got an opportunity to travel abroad but I am fond of traveling and explore the pleasant moments of wandering around beautiful places. It has been my inborn desire to explore the very gorgeous spots around the world. Hence; here, I would like to share my favorite destination for me which I would be heading towards in the near future is turkey.

Nowadays, people love to visit Turkey because of its charm and fascinating beauty. Indeed, Turkey is a dream destination for every tourist.

So, here are the top places that one should explore when traveling to Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul: Istanbul is one of the famous and largest cities of Turkey. There are multiple reasons for specifically visiting Istanbul. It is such a vibrant and chirpy place; we meet many welcoming people there. It compromises many famous spots that are must on everyone’s list i.e. Hagia Sophia, the blue mosque, the famous Galata Tower, Grand Bazar, and many more

The Blue Mosque:
It is also known as Sultan Ahmad Mosque, a historical mosque in Istanbul adding value to the beauty of Istanbul and attracting as many tourists as it can. It has five main domes, six minarets, and eight secondary domes. It is famous as Blue mosque because of its beautiful interior design and dramatic blue tiles.
Entry is free of cost and if are visiting Istanbul for the first time then it would recommend exploring the blue Mosque.

Galata Tower:
In 1967, after three years of restoration Galata tower opened its doors for visitors. Galata Tower is one of the oldest towers in the world and it is believed that it is one of the oldest and highest towers in the city. You get such a fascinating view if you get on the top of this tower. You see the real beauty of Istanbul.

Grand BAZAR:
It is one of the largest and oldest markets in the world compromising 61streets and 4000shops in the area of 30,700m. It is the center of tourist attraction.
554years old Bazar gives you the best and exciting experience. With the world’s famous hand carpets, Turkish silver art, decorations made of silver and copper, and leather goods, you will find every unique and attractive thing here.

Hagia Sophia:
Turkish ( Ayasofya ). The 1,500year-old UNESCO World Heritage site became a museum in 1934. Recently it is converted to a mosque from the museum.

Lastly, I would say if you wish to explore the beauty of yourself and the world around you, so keep passionate about traveling. For me, traveling is fun, huge happiness, learning, and a lot more. One can test the real taste of life. Travelling makes me alive and passionate about my dreams and goals