Justice For Physical Therapists Protest Met Violence

Justice for Physical Therapists of KPK

student doctors(PHYSICAL THERAPISTS) of KPK demands Paid House Job as its already a normal in other provinces.

It’s not the first time in our state that people are compelled to come out on roads, for their rights. Did we ever think about why people come out of the comfort of home on roads? Such a weird interrogation but in reality, it is not. This government pushes the people to come on roads and beg for their rights. They drag them to this last limit to leave their loved ones and come out on roads and scream in pain for their legal and due rights.

Today, it is not just people but they are students who have come out of the shadow of their beloved parents to seek justice for themselves. They are fighting against the incompetence and injustice of the government of KPK. The student doctors of physical therapy have started their peaceful dharna protest on 24th May 2021 and they are still proceeding with it because they are yet not noticed by the worthy eye of our so respectable government officials in granting their due rights. They are there in front of the provincial assembly of KPK from dawn to dusk, in search of justice.

Isn’t it a moment of shame?
The future of a nation is sleeping on roads and politicians are resting on their beds. They aren’t unaware but they have turned blind to the terrible incident that took place today when students were peacefully protesting on road. The municipal cantonment truck blindly rushed on the road despite a large number of students on the road. Extremely heart-wrenching, even my hands shiver to write, students got injured and they got hospitalized but none of the government’s officials bothers to take an action.

Do you know why?
Because government police was over there but still they didn’t stop that truck.

So, what does it mean?
Is government mistakenly blind or it is purposefully blind. We all need to take an action and become the voice for the future of our nation. It is our duty to help the future of our nation to fight injustice and get their due and legal right to paid house jobs.