How To Join The Pakistan Army After Matric: Your Ultimate Guide

For many people, becoming a member of the Pakistani Army represents patriotism and commitment to one’s country. While many people desire to serve their country, a number of barriers may prevent success. One such difficulty is a lack of process expertise. Getting information is simpler now that smartphones are more common and internet connection is more accessible. Presenting a comprehensive guide on how to enlist in the Pakistani Army following Matriculation in 2023, providing information on requirements and career opportunities.

joining the Pakistani Army: Exploring Field Options:

Depending on the specialty chosen, there are many procedures for joining the Pakistan Army and each has its own eligibility requirements. The following are some of the main fields that matriculation graduates can choose from:

1. Joining as a Soldier

Becoming a soldier in the Pakistan Army is an honorable path for matriculation graduates. Soldiers play a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s borders. To apply for the soldier position, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17-23 years
  • Height: Minimum 5’6’’

Applicants who fulfill these requirements can await notifications through newspapers, the official Pakistan Army website, or platforms like

2. Armed Forces Nursing Service (AFNS):

Females have an opportunity to contribute to the Pakistan Army through the Armed Forces Nursing Service. This department requires dedicated nurses to provide healthcare services. Eligibility criteria for AFNS include:

  • Minimum 60% marks in Matric with Biology
  • Minimum 50% marks in FSC Pre Medical
  • Unmarried Female / Separated Divorcee/widow
  • Pakistani National
  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: As per Body Mass Index (BMI)

Interested female candidates meeting these requirements can apply for AFNS Nursing upon advertisement.

3. Civilian Jobs in Pakistan Army:

For those with various professions, civilian jobs in the Pakistan Army offer a chance to serve the nation in non-military roles. Matriculation graduates can apply for positions like telephone supervisor, cook, technician, plumber, driver, and more. These roles are announced separately, and applicants must regularly check newspapers and the official website for job openings.

Registering for Joining the Pakistan Army:

The process of joining the Pakistan Army involves the following steps:

  • Once job advertisements are released, candidates can register through the official Pakistan Army website or visit the nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Centre (AS&RC).
  • A test must be cleared after applying for the job. The test date and other relevant information will be provided via email, including the electronic roll number with the test details.
  • Successful candidates will progress to interviews and further evaluations.
  • Upon passing all assessments, candidates will receive communication either via phone or mail regarding their selection to join the Pakistan Army.

Joining the Pakistan Army presents a valuable opportunity for both males and females to serve their nation. The Army’s professionalism and dedication to duty are renowned worldwide. With increasing numbers of applicants each year, the desire to contribute to this esteemed institution remains strong. Even Cadets from friendly nations who undergo training at the Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) acknowledge the Pakistan Army’s commitment to excellence.

By understanding the eligibility criteria and field options, aspiring candidates can take the first steps towards realizing their dream of serving their country.