Indian Chronicles – A Propaganda Against Pakistan

Indian Propaganda Against Pakistan

Propaganda is a tool used for the purpose to mold public opinion in its one favor. It is mainly conducted by states to pursue their interest in attaining political objectives. For centuries propaganda has been widely used by the Leaders or states to put down their rivals or opponent. Nazi propaganda by Hitler in pre-world war 2 was one of the leading propagandas, which aims was to contain the Soviets and expel the Jews. They manipulated the public by portraying the Jews and soviets as the enemy of Nazi Germany.

In the twenty-first century, propaganda is adopted and carried out by States or groups of people in the forms of propagated diplomacy, creating economic hardship, supporting militancy, or sponsoring nationalist or extremist beliefs, or spreading misinformation through digital means against the rival state. This type of propaganda is known as “Fifth-Generation Warfare”.

The recent “Indian Chronicles” – the name given by DisinfoLab to the 15 years operations – published by the European Union’s DisInfoLab is a glaring example of Indian propaganda against the State of Pakistan. The investigation reveals that how Indian resurrected NGOs, such as the International Club for Peace Research (ICPR), World Environment and Resources Council (WERC), Commission to Study the Organization of Peace (CSOP). The State of India sponsored these NGOs through students who represented them in the United Nations human rights council (UNHRC) and presented fabricated information against the state of Pakistan.

For instance, the name of Professor Louis B. Sohn who is known as “Grandfather of International Human Rights Law in the US” and former chairman of the CSOP, was used in attending UNHRC session in 2007 and Institute of Gilgit-Baltistan Studies in 2011 in Washington DC respectively, while he died in 2006.
Similarly, ICPR was exploited in UNHRC to organize events and demonstrations against Pakistan. And WERC was capitalized in the commission to oppose the construction of Diamer-Basha Dam.

The network of this propaganda was spread to 116 countries, working on the anti-Pakistan agenda. The investigation stated that more than 750 fake websites were run by Indian agencies by propagating and fabricating the information by molding the opinion of the Public in favor of India. Apart from that think tanks were set up to pursue and portray the image of Pakistan as an unstable and terrorists state.
Before the DisInfoLab publication, the FM Shah M Qureshi along with DG ISPR Babar Iftikhar presented a dossier to the media and later provided it to the international forum, of India supporting militancy and uncertainty in the country.

The “Indian Chronicles” by the EU’s DisInfoLab is a clarification and affirmation of Pakistan’s narrative of India supporting uncertainty in their country. The initiative, taken by Pakistan by exposing India before the International forum through diplomatic means must be pursued with full dedication. Apart from that, the country ought to spread awareness among its public to distinguish between right and wrong, correct, or incorrect and, true or false.

By Nadeem Ullah