In the Name of God

In the name of God

Hey, brother! I said to my elder brother who was sitting on a sofa and was playing games with his friends, ” plzzz, take me to my friends’ home, I would like to meet her, coz we haven’t met in a year,” He replied fiercely, ” why the hell you have friends, friends are nothing but a deceive, I shall not take you out, Go ask your father first! “.

I went to my father and I said I want to meet my friend, she lives nearby, He said, ” shut up! Only parents are daughters’ friend “, My mom standing beside me was silent as ever she could be, I once again in the light of last hope, said to my brother plzz take me to her, He said loudly, Allah says that women are not allowed to leave their houses in case it’s a matter of utmost importance, you better not step out of home. All I heard was he trying to tell me your God has not given you any rights to take your own life decisions, or to go outside to meet your friends while men can do whatever they want.

In a matter of seconds , with my burning red eyes, I exploded and I said ,” Don’t you dare tell me my God has not given me rights as  equal as you , He also commands men to take care of their sisters , mothers and daughters and moreover you are more responsible than any woman coz He orders men to take their women outside for they have to protect them from outside world, and He says men are responsible for women’s happiness ,but you are irresponsible, you are trying to deceive me , instead of being my happiness and my protection , you are telling me God only exist for men!” My mom smiled and my brother stand there in silence. In the name of God, stop spreading such inequality, do fulfill your responsibility.

By Mahrukh Waheed