I Pray, You Always Find Your Answer

I Pray You Always Find Your Answer

We fear hardships, we curse our hardships, and we hate our hardships. Completely understandable! the going can get tough at times, and I empathise with you. I do wish your hardship was eased and that you’re untroubled and happy again. However, I also want you to realise that you can’t hate something that is going to shape you and build you; if you channel the lessons you’ll learn along the way, into the right direction and with the right perspective.

“If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow.”

We are petrified of failure, of bad days, of getting hurt, but that’s because we depend on ourselves to heal with no reassurance if we ever will be able to. Only if we relied on The Healer instead. Who can heal everything and anything. Only If we truly believed in His healing and His love for us, we would know that no matter how much pain we suffer, how many times our hearts ache or our soul feels empty, we could always run to the Healer, we wouldn’t be so scared. Not scared to step forward despite the brokenness or the depth of the wound.

How many times have we hated something first off just to realise years later why that was the best thing that could have happened to us at that moment? Sometimes Allah wants a higher level of Jannah for someone, and when their good deeds don’t match up, He gives them hardships. So how can we hate the hardships that are the reason we’ll reach up to great levels in Jannah? Why can’t we think of them as a badge of honour because Allah tests those whom He loves? Why do we never think of them as blessings in disguise? Because we’ll never need anything more than Jannah.

Remember that how your pain transforms you is a choice. A choice that you make. Do you let it throttle you with resentment, or do you smile and let it breeze through? It’s right when you’re lost in the sea, in the middle of a storm, that your heart finds its biggest truths. Let your pain be your power, Let it be your grace. Let it make you better and stronger. So, next time Instead of asking “why is this happening to me” try asking “what is this trying to teach me?” Try asking, “How will this help me grow?” And try asking, “What can I do about this to reap its benefits not only in this world but in the akhirah too?” I hope and pray that you find your answer, every single time.