I And The Sea

I and The Sea

I and the sea; a pair of rascals
Multiple beings; part of us

Wild and silent; vast and verbal
Strict and strong; jerky and gentle

The waves are wild; graceful and bright
The inner realm of ours; hiding corpse and alive

Loved by many; disgraced by some
A few “Others” of ours
observing us from a length

Only some have the courage
They come close to us

They see our love; they play with us
Not just sand; dirty and dungy
Seashore is a beauty; seen by them

Some are afraid; they run from us
Maybe they see the devil of ours!

Ahhh! we can’t make our space
In the good book of all
We have the choice; so, they have!

We are peaceful; we are calm
But there can be tsunamis
Not protected from them

Both the potentials; we carry in us
We can make them laugh
We can kill their hearts

Angels and devils; both we have
I and the sea; relation we have