Humanity Lives – Kumar Bheel Saved 18 People from Burning Vehicle

Kumar Bheel

Life is precious. We go to extreme measures to save it from any unfortunate accidents. But sometimes we get caught in a situation where we wait for some deus ex machina for saving our lives. The relatable accident happened in Naukot, Mithi when a man, Kumar Bheel, saved the lives of more than a dozen people, stuck in a burning vehicle, by risking his own life. Bheel has been appreciated and honored with various titles for his sheer act of bravery, calling him the “Real Life Hero”.

Hailing from Tharparkar, a district in Pakistan’s Sindh province, Bheel is a member of Pakistan’s Hindu community. He was unknown to the public before this episode took place. According to the sources, Bheel was going on his motorcycle on a road Naukot, Mithi where he saw a van ablaze.

In reaction to this, he immediately stopped his bike and ran to save the people in the van whose lives were in danger. He broke the fixed glass windows of the vehicle and helped the passengers to come out, without even caring for his own life.

Some passengers received injuries in the accident owing to the extreme nature of the fire, but Kumar Bheel’s timely arrival saved them from a maximal mishap. They could have lost their lives if there wasn’t anyone for the rescue.

The resources tell that there were three female doctors also present in the van along with other passengers.

People on social media are appreciating Bheel for his bravery along with his kindness that made him take extreme measures to save the lives of others by risking his own. There has been a tremendous share in this story of Bheel on almost all the platforms of social media. People are paying a tribute to this Pakistani, besides giving a message: “Heroes have no religion, a hero is just hero.”

With this story of Kumar Bheel, one can certainly sense that humanity still lives in the people of this country irrespective of their religion. One’s religion or race should never be an impediment in their kindness and humility.