Humanity Is Dignity

Humanity Is Dignity

I had a horrible day
Really wanted to run away

Tons of gossips and whispers fade
That made me wanted to trade
God, please make them disappear
But again that caused me to fear

Before sleep, I wish again
God, please don’t give them pain
After all the things they do
Still, I don’t want to sue

I don’t know if it makes a difference
I am afraid of the consequence
I never take revenge
Never do I pretend

I want everyone to be happy
They still make things crappy
Hurting me whenever they want
Only giving me taunt

Still, I forgive them anyway
Thinking they might change someday

You are a gem
One day, I heard from them

After a long time
I felt as if I climb
The next level of humanity
That’s the only dignity

Blue Lunar