Hopeful Sky

Hopeful Sky

Joe, while talking to her friend Louise, randomly looks up to see one of the darkest night sky, with its countless shining stars spread across the horizon. She unintentionally smiled and told Louise that she could still remember the time when she would see herself as the sky; as its constant changes exemplified her every day with the variance in the weather. “Ah, when I…” she paused, wiping away her tears of joy to complete her sentence. Taking her time, she thought that it gave Joe her youth best recollections. “Indeed when I was a kid…” she took a gander at the sky and becomes flustered. “Goodness! Better believe it, when I used to locate the everyday concealed message in the weather, I am standing here beneath the sky again, even the same place but differ by ages an adult now…children are so innocent.”

“Hey, Joe! We should stroll on this road of recollections from childhood again and reveal to me those excellent recollections of yours” Louise exclaimed. “…ahan…umm okay Louise! If you want to listen, I will tell you,” Joe stated, visibly embarrassed about the memories of her childhood. So as Joe was thinking about herself as a sky, having those radiant stars as her fantasies and Joe feels the need to satisfy them yet in a tallied life.… At some point, when she was staring towards the sky, secured with those precious stones (stars), she said shockingly, “Is there a real existing world in dreams or there are just dreams in an actual existence? Those fantasies were the focal piece of my life.” She murmured, sighing heavily. Continuing, she said, “I wish all my dreams come true, none of them will last as my desire.” Unconsciously, Joe started to count the stars, “1………66, 67, 68 and…” Abruptly, a thought came to her mind. She pondered about the things which she needed throughout her life and what she had lost a while ago. She mumbled gloomily, “…Imagine a scenario where all my fantasies will be unfulfilled as well.”

Looking at the darkness of the sky with her sluggish drained eyes, she got agitated and thought “On the off chance, If I resemble a dark empty sky; at some point, I will be just as dull as well… How would I be able to be sparkle without my peering stars, as the sky is nothing without its appealing stars, right?”

Since the sky is breathtaking because of its gleaming stars.

Joe thought that her happiness and hope depend on her dreams. Taking in that wonderful thought, she gradually slept.

The following day, she woke up and ran towards the window to see a splendid blue sky, with a radiant sun spreading its light all around. That serene sight showed on her face, as she was stunned by taking a gander at the splendid blue sky. She mumbled “Is it just me as a splendid blue sky while I was the darkest sky with sparkling stars as my fantasies, yesterday? Where are my sparkling stars?

Later that day, she strolled miserably in the greenery and laid discreetly underneath an immense horizon, on a wet cold grass. As she continuously stared towards the sky, she muttered, “Ummm…What if I become a bright blue sky and have a vast blistering sun which would enlighten other’s life too…” She ran towards her mom to disclose to her, that she has now a fantasy as large as the sun, to help others in their life.

After the sun had set, she went to the window of her room and saw a stunning murky blue agreeable evening sky. She had been astonished at the change again, she thought, “Where had my greatest fantasy about illuminating other people’s life gone? How could blue sky lighten up our surroundings without the sun?” She began crying and revealed this to her darling mother. She exclaimed. “My subsequent dream has likewise vanished again, which I had considered as my greatest dream to satisfy.” Her mother coarse her in a hug and said, “Honey! The universe arranges itself so that, the day will light up the darkest night; while the nightfall indeed does change into the daybreak. The morning will then again be changed to the night that left. In actual existence, we need to live calmly. We see numerous dreams here and there, run behind them to satisfy those desires. A few dreams do get fulfilled, but most of them are washed away with our tears. While we forget some ourselves, some just simply have a reality that makes us wake-up from our dream!”

“Mom, would we be able to supplant our unfulfilled dreams with new ones?” Joe inquired curiously, wiping her tears out of the way. Her mum said, “Yes! You can, so far as you have more ambition.” Joe replied back, blissfully. “Alright, thank you mom for helping me realize that sometimes you also have to compromise with your life and find alternatives.”

Saying that Joe ran outside saying, “Mom I will find new dreams. Bye, see you later.” On the outside, under the open sky, Joe saw the darkness covered with clouds and strong wind blowing. She stated, “Am I now a veiled sky and the mists, my hope is in a firm dream with its strength breeze.” While considering what will be her next vision, she smiled and slept. The next day, as she woke-up, she grinned while eating. What was waiting for her behind the window? In the wake of her day, she saw rain and thought it to be an indication of the replenishment of energy from the dusty cynicism of our lives. A rain washes away the doubt, as we need that positive restoration in our lives.

Later on with the fresh weather apprise, she symbolized thunder as a fear for our lives, as the long bangs after the storms affirm the disarrays of life. Our hysterias make us dread about life and make us insecure. Changes bring new exercises; Joe experienced that directly after an overwhelming precipitation the trivial rainbow arch represents itself as the joy after every expectation. When we lose hope, the universe carries something new for us to supplant it with more joy, yet it requests patience. She was then waiting for the following day which was a cover-up and a look for between the clouds and the sun, between the haziness and clearness of the day, she said, “…it is something between being brave and have to enlighten your surroundings, it’s like about making yourself sure about the things which you are going to be done next

The following day had an unadorned blue sky. She witnessed it as a symbol of simplicity. The simplicity in life brings more satisfaction than the ups and downs. Satisfaction rarely requires a rich life, even if it provides gratification to live. “The time was amazing when I was a kid think absolutely and act delightfully, sees inspiration from my surroundings,” Joe concluded her talk with Louise. “Gracious! Joe, you have been incredible. Embodying yourself with nature, as a kid. Oh! How adorable it is that a kid can be this unadulterated and honest… he just fulfills him….but the surroundings can be very cruel.”

“Yes, you better believe it, Louise. Life has numerous phases to show us….to make us learn how to spend it. At each stage, we figure out how to rise once more…we need to disregard difficulties, we additionally need to expel cynicism from our lives. Positivity can be plucked from anywhere while a kid is learning about the hidden lessons in our surroundings. It’s mainly upon us to walk through the street of life and choose whichever direction is best to reach our destiny.”

“Yup, it is. Well said….but what is life to you, Joe?” asked Louise. “I think everybody has his own statement to life…as for me, it’s like a stage on which we, as a whole, play our characters until the final line of our death. It is quite predictable and…”

 “Mum…mama…MOMMY? Where are you?” Joe’s little girl Lara yelled from afar. The conversation stopped halfway. “Aww honey, have you awoken! I’m in the garden with your aunt. Come here. Meet your precious aunty…” Joe said lovingly. 

“Here, I am.”

“Hey, Miss Louise. I am glad to see you with us. Hope so, you are doing well.” Lara greeted, waving her hand as a hello.

Suddenly Lara took a peek at the sky and said, “Mum, look at the sky. It looks as though there’s a priceless stone necklace around it.”

Joe and Louise chuckled, as they had recently recollected memories about the sky… Joe hugged her little girl and looked up, towards the sky, and laughed heartily once again.

By Javeria Ashfaq