Hope - Stories

Hey! said someone to her with a smile she always used to welcome someone whom she liked and admired, “Can we be friends?” There came a reply she didn’t expect, “oh, no no we can’t, you know I belong to a different class! What do you mean by that?” she said sadly.

“You know I have heard that you are among those who are honest and who are loyal and, I cannot be with you in difficult times as a friend when you will need me, I am not loyal, nor I am someone like you!”, she explained.

I have never in my life have received such words that are nothing but complete truth whom no one has said or have even tried speaking. She holds her hand and said, “Hey, listen to me, “I know this society doesn’t always seem to have given a chance to those who wanted a better version of themselves, I know everyone thinks that you are not someone worth be a friend, but my friend you have something this world never wish to understand, they never thought what have you gone through or what have they offered you to come this way of negligence, that abuse you have suffered, that love someone has taken fore granted, those words beyond their minds, ignorance one cannot withstand. I promise, I will not demand anything that you cannot provide, come with me let me show you a different world, a world full of love, world full of joys wanna know what that place will be?

A Heaven, Full of Skies.

(In short, the darkness that exists in us can itself lead to a light, if we accept that we must have to repent and move on with better hopes).

By Mahrukh Waheed