Hidden In My Name

Hidden In My Name

I, moon and night
Love, lovers and life

Without his Moonlight
How can my moon survive?

The darkness of night
The silent roar of life

A delicate rose with thorns
Its beauty stops me for a while

I hold it in my fingers,
With a warm smile
It hurts my hands; Ah! the beauty is wild

Moon gives me a strange glance
Saying your wounds hurt me
My Moonlight!

I am from you; you are from me
This world is cruel; just come with me

Will go somewhere; just you and I
Far from this world; will hide you in me

But wait my Moon; think of the night

Without you and me; will she survive?
How would she face this world?
Her loneliness will kill her; at mid-night

This rose has thorns
This world is cruel
But you and I are not cowards

Let’s search the beauty in this world
With our night; you and I
Moon and your Moonlight

Mahnoor Khalil