Rape is forced sexual intercourse against the will of the victim through force or the threat of force. If I talk about the causes of rape then the main one is a person’s own inner evil and downfall of the character. A woman dressing is often targeted in such cases. They are to blame as a seducer who forces the rapist to do so. But Zainab Ansari was a six-year-old who was on her way to a Quran recital when she was abducted. What was her fault? That she lives in a society where’s a boy’s hormones are more important than a girl’s education. In most cases, the rapist is among the family and friends. Which shows how cruel these people actually are.

The Kasur child abuse scandal where a gang of 15 to 20 people filmed children performing forced sexual acts. Pakistan Media organization estimated that 280 to 300 children, most of them male were victims of sexual abuse. How cruel is this? This case scolded us all. Where we are going as a nation. Our children are not safe anymore. Not only women and children even animal abuse is increasing day by day.

Recently a teenage boy allegedly rapes a kitten in Lahore. What about this. These people are so cruel that they don’t even leave animals. This case clearly highlights that we are going so down as a society.

Hang the rapist. Because a person who causes such huge damage to others has no right to live. Such peoples are smudge in the name of humanity and are just slaves of their souls. Make them a warning sign for others. Also, it will encourage the victims to stand against this evil.

By Aatiqah Dogar