We bleed green

Oh, to the people of my nation!
I raised a Pakistani Flag rope,
Which gives me strength and hope

I’m out of words in my prayers
With joyous tears

Have been feeling proud
By saying it loud

We are free to fly
Above the sky
Oh, the people of my nation!

Because of many violent fights
Today we have the basic rights

Freedom has a price,
It cost us the precious lives

We had and will continue to pay
For a peaceful day
Oh, the people of my nation!

Strugglers strive for an independent state
For a better future and free fate

And united the whole nation under one flag
Which gave a motive as strong as a mighty crag

Our leaders
And strugglers

Turned a dreamland to the homeland,
Faced many atrocities and withstand
Oh, to the beloved people of my nation!

Let’s thank Almighty for all blessings
With which we have faithful feelings

Let’s honor and salute
For those who took the right route

Let’s stand side by side
And wave this glorious flag with pride.

Happy Independence Day to all😇

Javeria Ashfaq