Frailty Thy Name is Women

Frailty thy name is women

Today while giving my lecture I found one of my graduate students mentally absent from the class. She was doing private graduation because college was far away from her residence. On my question, she told me her horrible story. She uses to always go to the examination center with her brother and yesterday her brother was seriously ill and she asked him to let her go because she did not want to miss her paper. Her brother agreed and told her about precautions while traveling alone. After a splendid paper when she was coming back through QingQi rikshaw she was alone in the back seat and it was a busy road she was comfortable because there was hell traffic, people were carrying back their sisters and daughter from the college. Meanwhile, three boys on a bike appeared and start to follow her rikshaw in the mid of the busy road they start bullying her, they even tried to snatch her water bottle in order to scare her. First time I was facing harassment ma’am!! She digs into tears and I was looking for help from the people crossing us or traveling by the same root. Some of them watched ma’am they did not take notice. Tell me ma’am only the girl sitting in their back was their sister and able to respect? Was I doing anything wrong? I was in an abaya and covered my head and face with a veil why did nobody care and tried to stop them? She started weeping loudly.

Don’t you have a mobile at that time? I asked when she finished her glass of water. I do have but at the same time I was afraid of media or the crowd and then I was also afraid that if my brother came and saw me in such a condition he is over possessive ma’am I was very afraid and I want to quit my studies after this last paper.

How you came back then? They chased me till I came to my home, my brother opened the door and I start weeping and hug him tightly. Yesterday I felt that in this society I am only safe with my brother and every second man is not fruitful for me similarly the honor of a girl is no more the responsibility of the society they only care about their blood sister and daughter. I felt helpless because yes the society truly becomes mind your own business kind of behavior and the concept of Khutba Hujat ul wida totally ignored by the country that got independence by the name of Islam. In the last sermon of Holy Prophet P.B.U.H, he asked the Muslims that the honor and blood of one Muslim are as respectful to other Muslims as his own. (explanation).

The reason why I am writing such an issue today is because of the Lahore incident that happened in the yard of Minar e Pakistan. The girl was victimized by hundreds of beasts. My question is country really lost all the manhood? People who were focusing on the video making can be the helper and the saviors or they cant? Remember people who are watching without any reaction are the partners of the incidents and will be questioned the same way as the culprits will on the Day of Judgment. This line wrote by Shakespeare many decades ago for a morally and ethically abused women society and is echoing in my mind whenever I heard such an incident because it is a matter of now and then nowadays.  ‘’Frailty thy name is women’’.

Government should do this, courts should do this, and before going towards others look at your own shadow what you are doing? Sitting and watching? Rather be a responsible citizen you are ignoring? People should be united against the public harassment issues so that they can eradicate and the country will progress. Think!!!! Live like a human not like animals.