Green Pakistan: Tech Company Develop Drones To Plant Trees

ForresOn Drone

In a move towards warding off climate change, the Pakistani tech company has decided to develop drones to plant thousands of trees in multiple cities of the country. The Islamabad-based tech company, ForresOn already specializes in developing drones that work through self-navigation, typically used for forestation and precision-agricultural purposes. This development is a joint collaboration between ForresOn and SAARC along with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to plant trees by utilizing drones across the country.

ForresOn has employed a panel of experts in the field of UAV building, software, and agritech and now they have set their eyes on combining drone technology with agricultural knowledge to improve the country’s vegetative landscape and restore the forestation.

The drones have been designed by keeping in mind the hilly areas of the country which are somewhat inaccessible, hence making the manual plantation really difficult. These areas include Haripur, Kahuta, and Chakri, all of which will be able to employ the drones made by ForresOn.

How does this work?

ForresOn is not just an average tech company, they believe in the employment of innovative methods aiming for practical upshots. These drones will be used to literally fire seed pods from the air down towards the ground to ensure maximum germination and growth. In addition to this, their end-to-end automated ecosystem figures out exactly where to plant trees. Besides, the company’s drones will be used to spray trees, plants, and crops with the exact amount of fertilizers, pesticides, and water. These drones will also be helpful in monitoring the life-cycle, growth, height, and health of the trees at regular intervals. Their drones are built in-house, but any of the components such as propellers and motors that cannot be manufactured in Pakistan are imported from other countries.

The rationale behind the plantation of trees using drones is to cater the dreadful threat of climate change lingering upon Pakistan, who stands at number 7 in the list of countries to be most affected by climate change. With the help of these drones, the inaccessible areas of the country will not be deprived of plants.

The most recent venture of ForresOn included the collaboration with SAARC to plant thousands of trees at Margala Hills by utilizing their drones. To witness this momentous event, the top leadership of SAARC Energy Center and representatives from multiple countries were present on-site. This can be taken as a massive success for the forestation ecosystem and the field-test capability of ForresOn as well.