First Hydro-Powered Crypto Mining Farm Installed In KPK

First Hydro-powered Crypto Mining Farm Installed In KPK

This world experiences an experiment every day. But, the most debatable experience nowadays is the digital currency. Due to the increased importance of digital currency and Bitcoin mining, researchers and investors are concerned about the increased use of energy in the form of electricity utilized by computers. An Australian company found its solution in hydropower for reducing the burden on non-renewable resources. In this system, a setup is installed that utilizes hydropower near the powerplants.

Waqar Zaka at Pakistan's first hydro-powered Crypto Mining Farm
Waqar Zaka at Pakistan’s first hydro-powered Crypto Mining Farm

Here is good news for Pakistanis that a similar hydro-powered crypto mining farm has been installed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. As KPK is a natural home of dams and this natural symmetry is highly favorable for hydropower generation. The most remarkable person who strived for this initiative is Waqar Zaka. He shared a video on his social media platforms demonstrating the structure and function of the farm. Furthermore, he told his audience that he has installed this without any type of international funding. His efforts for legalizing cryptocurrency in Pakistan are praise-worthy. He had been trying to make the government give legal status to crypto mining so that it can excel in our country in near future. After three years of deliberate efforts, the KPK government devised the first-ever Crypto Advisory Committee. Additionally, the Science & Technology and IT Advisor to Chief Minister, Zia Ullah Bangash took the required steps for this initiative.

As blockchain technology is the need of the hour and Pakistan needs to get an advantage from this technology. Crypto mining can provide many business opportunities and technological fronts related to research. In a nutshell, Crypto mining is the future, and awareness about this technology and business should be increased. This will enable Pakistan to stand in the race of technology and development.