First Female Firefighter of Pakistan – Shazia Parveen

First Female Firefighter Of Pakistan – Shazia Parveen

Shazia Parveen sets new standards by becoming the first female firefighter of Pakistan. No one has ever imagined females serving in male-oriented departments, especially from a small town where getting a higher education is challenging.

It does, however, need a tremendous deal of bravery!

I knew that it would be going to different, something out of the ordinary, but I have not realized it would involve firefighting. I never knew until after the training began that I was the first female firefighter in the country. 

Shazia Parveen speaks her heart out while reporting to Arab News on a call last Thursday.


Shazia Parveen, the small-town girl, became the first female firefighter of Rescue Unit 1122 at the age of 22. She has made the nation proud by becoming the first-ever firefighter of Pakistan and most probably in Asia. She has earned national recognition and has been highlighted in international news as well.

Curious to know more about her?

Fighting the flames with men twice her size and age, daughter of a retired army officer, lives in Karampur, District Vehari shares a house with eight siblings. Since 2010, this brave girl has been saving lives while fighting against all prejudices and skeptics.

Career Challenges OF FEMALE FireFighter:

It wasn’t an easy road for her to become the first female firefighter. Shazia had to endure arduous services. With the assistance of ropes that ran 300 feet up and down the earth, she learned to swim, jump, and rescue. Consequently, many of her male co-trainers dropped out of the grueling training, but Shazia persisted in being the sole applicant chosen to be a professional firefighter.

From FEMALE Firefighter to Fire Instructor:

Shazia Parveen First Female Firefighter training female recruits as Fire Instructor of Rescue 1122 at Lahore

Besides all hardships, Shazia served as a firefighter at the Vehari fire station for six years, putting out fires in farms and factories. The major break came in 2016, when she got promoted as Fire Instructor at the Punjab Emergency Services Academy in Lahore. Now, she is training male and female recruits to be professional firefighters like her.

Final Thought:

Indeed, Shazia Parveen is a motivation for other women in many areas. It demonstrates that, even in our culture, women are capable of achieving anything. We wish her best wishes in her future pursuits!

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