Feelings, the most important thing taken mostly for granted. Having an emotional attachment with anything is serious, be it a pet, a human or it can be anything. Sometimes only the clouds can make you feel the happiest, while sometimes these clouds make you feel the emptiest. It’s just a matter that how you feel inside. If you are happy inside anything can make you live your life to the fullest. If you are dejected you will never find happiness in anything. Contentment and satisfaction are the most important ingredients for a happy and successful life.

Depression isn’t a phase it’s a constant feeling of being sad. Sadness passes by time but depression increases.
A pang of unwanted guilt, physical trauma, or emotional trauma can cause you depression.

Never compare your feelings with others, a thing might be not so horrible for you but it can trigger someone’s sadness. Be compassionate and empathetic to people. Don’t take feelings for granted, respect everyone’s feelings. You have never walked in their shoes, so should you never compare your feelings with others. You are fighting your own battles in the best way and someone else out there is trying hard to not give up on life.

Suicide rate has increased by the years because of feelings are being played with. Playing with feelings, not caring for anyone is not cool at all. Be it 20th century or 50th every human has a heart and have feelings which should be respected no matter what.

Try to listen to another side of the story and by not judging anyone, be a friend, not a judge, and see what power you hold.

By Hafsa Khan