Fear Poetry

Heart! O Heart!
Who’s the strongest
Emotion of all?
Fear my dear
For it’s a great wall.
Strong as concrete
Rooted in too deep
Can’t pave new ways
For it burns with craze
With emotions it plays
Dreams are something,
It hates for sure.
So whenever you try
To reach the dreamy sky
It won’t let you fly.
The fear of fall,
What a creepy doll.
The fear of unseen,
It becomes so mean.
Too wrongly & extreme.
The fear of this
The fear of that
All of the struggles
Fears will combat
Tis a feary mishap
Heart! O Heart!
Why fear is so real?
Such a great deal
What is the cure?
The solution to endure
Belief my dear!
For it is only real
Fear is just a rear
A dimly fixed shadow
A thought that is shallow
With belief you can fight
Take a dreamy flight
Combat the darkness
Clean that feary mess
So faith is never less…

Hafsa Awan