Fascinating Truck Art Wheeling On The Highway Goes Windborne

Truck Art

With an ostentatious blend of colors, the famous ‘Truck Art’ is ready to embark on the journey to fly high in the sky.

Pakistan has never failed to impress the world with its enriched culture and acceptance of broad intake of flamboyant creativity through art to the levels of worldwide praise. Art has never stopped its people to being humane, kind and progressive towards this world in any form.

One such excellent showcase surfaced, when an artistic visual of colors was seen fashioned on the two-seater Cessna Aircraft beautifully depicting the elements taken from all provinces went on air.

Aiming to bring forth a softer image of Pakistan despite all underscored stereotypes. The CEO of Flying Academy emphasized that this will convey a good message for tourists around the world to visit our prosperous land by flourishing their aircraft with Truck art movement.    

It has calligraphy, flowers and animals beautified in a unique way.

Emerging from the beautiful exterior of vehicles running on the roads, also known by the name of ‘Jingle Trucks’ some years back , it made its way to the exterior of gigantic flying aircrafts!.

Says, Haider Ali “The world is familiar with our truck art representation; now, with this aircraft, our colors will fly in the air. We are really excited.

The truck artist Haider Ali considered this profession since childhood and trained by his father 40, is now a famous painter. He dreams to encourage globetrotting through his art and hopes to paint Airbus or Boeing Aircraft in the future.

Such art has also served as a gateway for Cultural Exports within country. It influenced the take on motto of Girls Education inspired by truck art in the province of Khyber PakhtunKhuwa by UNESCO.

However, the advent of Truck Art has engrossed the attention of overseas visibly through their art gallery exhibitions, western stores and different art forms that acquired the symbolic art from Pakistan.   

Caught by the eyes of media, it became enthralling news with a positive image of the people of Pakistan amid their contributions towards peace, harmony and mankind even on the micro levels.