EZBike – Pakistan’s Brand New Venture of Bike-Riding Service

Pakistan’s very first electric bike-riding service has been launched in Islamabad and Rawalpindi by the name of ‘ezBike’. The force behind this momentous step is Roamer Technologies, an Islamabad-based startup.

The inaugural ceremony of ezBike was attended by Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecom Aminul Haque, Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudary, and other government officials.

At the inauguration, Aminul Haque said, “The service would be an excellent facility, especially for working women. Electric vehicle technology is the best game-changer for the mobility market.”

Initially, the ezBike has been launched in the capital Islamabad only but will also be available in other parts of the country as well. The bike was inaugurated on October 14 and its trial began in Islamabad on October 15.

Along with Roamer technologies, the project came into being through a partnership with Jazz, where citizens can connect to the service using their Jazz sims. The payments can be made through money transferring service, JazzCash.

EZBike service can be accessed via the EZ-Bike app which would require the user to locate the bike available in his vicinity. When located, the user can unlock the bike with the QR code on the app and can start the ride. There are charges of  Rs. 5 required to unlock the bike and Rs. 5 for every minute on the ride. The users can also put a pause on the ride, in case of running an errand, during which they can enjoy the reduced rate of Rs. 2 per minute.

To be able to book a ride, the user must have their ID cards verified during the registration process. They are also required to have money in their ezBike wallet and all the new users are welcomed with Rs. 50 of credit when they sign up.

According to Roamer Technologies, the project of ezBike aims to change the concept of public transportation in Pakistan. Currently operating in twin cities with over 60 bikes, the company plans to deploy over 2000 bikes across the country next year.

The development of ezBike is the step that, on one hand, can revolutionize the scenario of transportation in Pakistan and, on the other, will be helpful for the general masses.