Ever Think Of Loosing Your BFF For Life?

Ever think of loosing your BFF for life?

I really want to read and to write but I don’t know where those skills have gone! How I lost the ability of writing and reading and why? Did I just loose interest in everything? Am I becoming fed up of everything? My dear friend you jerked me . your loss just took all my interests my passions away from me. Apparently I be laughing, hanging out but deep inside I’m not doing all this with my heart I’m just doing this not to be called ‘psychopath’. Last year before your death when my phone suddenly stopped working and I lost all my data it alarmed me that am I gonna loose someone so that ALLAH is preparing me by loosing their memories? I thought of everyone except you I can never believe that I’m gonna loose you this soon. But ALLAH has plans for everyone; here you were living in a hell. Hell created by humans. Your family narrowed this Earth on you and surely ALMIGHTY wants everything good for you that’s why he called you this soon!

By Laraib Majeed Khan Niazi