“Living… Is it even living?
The same old routine. Sometimes I wish I had a passion, a dream to pursue so my life could be a little exciting.”
He sighs as he says.
“Why make living so hard when it can be less tiring and stressful yet exciting and beautiful.”
I look at his face carrying confused expressions and smile at the display of cute expressions.

“Life isn’t about how high your dream or passion is. It is about getting up and feel the refreshing air, going for a walk and feel the breeze blowing through the leaves and make them rustle, looking at children playing around the neighborhood without worrying about anything.

Life is about letting your little tiny sparks get out of your body and enjoy their happiness. It’s about enjoying your walk, your meal, your favorite show, dreaming about your crush saying yes to you, get teased by your friends, have fights over remotes with your siblings.

Life is easy, it gives us happiness in so many ways but we end up ignoring them in the hope of something big and that’s when we become unhappy, that’s when life stops giving you tiny sparks of happiness. So live every day, every minute, every moment, every look, every smile, every tear because that’s what life is, simple yet fulling. I ruffle his hair as I say the last sentence “so live every emotion and minute of your life to its fullest.”
Adia Khan