Encounter with Death

Encounter with Death

And I run as fast as I can
Acting upon death’s plan

I hide, I scream and I try to escape
Only to realize it’s in my cruel fate

The stories of it are all deeply terrifying
The notion that I believed was purifying

I beg life to dissolve me in its embrace
I don’t ever want to leave this grace

It breaks me and jerks me away
Why do you want this twisted play?

Heartbroken, Lost, Confused, yet I plead
Just to find a comforting touch that’s all I need

I turn around to see the hopeless dark
Death standing with its usual mark

Fine! I say, take me away you vicious soul
You can, at last, fulfill your murderous goal

Pity it is that you all take me as cruel
For I am the only permanent jewel

You can stay in a deceptive world if it pleases you
But for once listen and ask your heart to be true

My whole life flashes in front of my eyes
As I close them for the last sleep after miles