Education System at its Death Bed

Education System at its Death Bed

We all have heard that desperate times call for desperate measures. Isn’t it so? But the pandemic era comes with ample time of ecstasy. While educational institutes seem to be on hiatus like our everyday popular bands (directioners, I hope I don’t prick the old wounds!) or in hibernation. We switched to the online mode of instructions in so rush like our individuals have been preparing for it their whole life!

Firstly lack of awareness about technology in such minute details to use online meeting apps and tools. Secondly, the fluctuating network has been a great spoiler throughout the lecture. Data packages’ cost and students’ misery are a way less worrisome thing when there are no signals, to begin with. Moreover, our desi lifestyle doesn’t make it feel like a classroom. What do you expect? Three siblings in the same room all belonging to different years and disciplines. In addition to teachers struggling to convey as close to traditional face-to-face mode. No fix timings sometimes you haven’t even wash your face and when you switched on your phone (like a first thing done in the morning) you come to know class has already been conducted and video recording is uploaded. Well, that video is never going to be opened rather stays there for just heart content.

These hasty measures may be desperate but they are not effective. Because students enrolled in 2019 have 3 semesters out of four in online mode. And just next semester is going to be research-specific. What is the future of such minds? Don’t know how many people exactly dying each day but the education system is already dead. Rest in Peace. It is even funny when practicals are conducted online and medical graduates are told to do CPR on their pillow. Like an adult male’s ribs are as soft as a duck’s feather for whom the actual treatment is supposed to be given!

We can already observe the seriousness of all current and previous governments towards education. When less 5% budget is sufficed only for education. And now even that is cut off! Hey, COVID’s graph is going up! What to do? Just shut down institutes. Like the first thing, covering wants to do is to enroll in a prestigious program of a renowned college!

Your students will die anyways of hunger later so it isn’t going to make a difference anyway.

By Hafsa Mansoor