What are we if not beautiful and mysterious apprehensions! Concatenating the marvellous threads of life, each string a unique colour of it’s own!
Derived from different definitions of our ancestral past which lead us through the pragmatic spiritual journey to our present and from here on, in a constant struggle towards our enigmatic future, forming a mesmerizing framework!

A Dreamcatcher maybe?!

With each person in our life contributing a thread making this intricately woven web more stronger!

Encapsulating in the webbing our horrible memories and dreams, our wildest thoughts and wishes that should remain undone, and allowing only the positive energy to travel gently down the feathers where they slip into the minds of us dreamers. Protecting us in a way by filtering our toxicity, slowly teaching us something new with each passing night, leading us to become better people through the day!

However, when our Dreamcatchers become clogged with sins, negative dreams and energy, no longer being able to protect the most meaningful dreams of us dreamers, It goes through the process of sacred cleansing by the rays of divine light that touch this framework, in an attempt to purify!

But even after constant attempts if this light somehow fails to reach our profane Dreamcatcher, we go through the processes of vigorous shaking by the Almighty.
Difficult tests or profound trials to test our limits and to purify!

While some of us come out anew, purified and forgiven after withstanding the strong winds of evaluation…..

There are others that break, either to the point that their Dreamcatchers are discarded or to the point, needing new colourful threads from others to mend and continue their journey forward!….. That’s where we come in!

©Syeda Zuha Naqvi