Dr. Zubaida Sirang: Journey From Eyes To Hearts

Dr. Zubaida Sirang

Dr. Zubaida Sirang’s book “Optics Made Easy” is recently added to the Book Authority list as one of the best books on ophthalmology of all time. Book authority list is a famous website that suggests non-fiction books to millions of its users and helps readers to improve their knowledge with the help of best-recommended books. Her journey does not end here and takes a new start because her book “Last Minute Review Of Clinical Optics” is among the top three books sold on Amazon.

She belongs to the beautiful valley of Chitral. She did her MBBS from Agha Khan University Karachi and completing her surgical ophthalmology specialization from Ireland. Zubaida Sirang speaks about her book in a T.V interview that she wrote this book as a student of ophthalmology and tried to explain ophthalmology most simply and easily.

Dr. Zubaida Sirang also tells that she aims to build an eye hospital in Gilgit Baltistan. She is working in collaboration with Agha Khan health services and guidance of Agha Khan University and soon she will complete this project. She organizes many camps with basic facilities in far areas for the awareness of people about eye diseases and their complications.

She is very energetic about the improvement of the equipment and other surgical instruments related to the eyes. She interacts with the local people and helps them to care for their beautiful eyes. In this way, she is not only connected with the eyes but hearts of the people.

According to her myopia is one of the most prevalent eye diseases in Pakistan and she considers that this issue must be sorted out. Dr. Zubaida Sirang is working on clinical ophthalmology nowadays. She is optimistic about the improvement of equipment and eye care centers in Pakistan in near future. No doubt she is continuing the heritage of Muslim ophthalmologist Ibn Al Haytham who introduced the world with the world of ophthalmology.