Dr. Mubashir Rahmani’s Right

Dr. Mubashir Rahmani's Right

On 14 Jan 2021, a blow-by-blow article concerning the tremendous achievement of Pakistani researcher, Dr. Mubashir Rahmani, was published in Dawn newspaper.

At first, a great deal of admiration for Shayma Siddiqui who raised her voice on this occasion. Next, coming to the true point, it was said in the article that Dr. Mubashir claimed that he has been sent “Certificate of Distinction” twice, but he failed to procure it due to no ‘ political attachment ‘. Moving forward, it was too flabbergasting that no statement regarding the pioneering work of Dr. Mubashir i.e. becoming a part and parcel of 1% of best researchers in the vast field of Computer Sciences, has been made.

Where is government, official bodies?
Education Minister, Mr. Shafqat Mehmood, is too tight-lipped. The same response has been reflected by other political parties. It must be said, though wistfully, that both the government and the opposition are burning candles at both ends in horse-trading.

All the political dissidents remember to have a press conference daily but fail to utter even a single word about the ‘ Hero of The Nation ‘. This is a truism and cannot be considered a figment of a nation’s imagination. The gravity of the matter is considerable. Transparency does not fall within the ambit of corruption, foreign funding, elections, etc. only. It applies to such cases too.

Dr. Mubashir is an inspiration for posterity. Current behaviors produced by official bodies, in this case, may prove a rocky terrain in the journey of the researcher’s success. Not only that, but it also signals that we are heading for our posterity’s calamity. Dr. Mubashir has not been properly admired at the national level. This is utterly disapproving. A combination of measures must be taken to apprise the nation of the heroic act of Dr. Mubashir and boost up the aspiration in the youth as well as procurement of his certificate discussed earlier. It is a plea and it is expected that it will be brought under the kind attention of the government.