Dowry: The Biggest Issue Of Today

Dowry! The Biggest Issues of Nowadays

What actually dowry is?
Dowry is the transfer of parental property from the bride (daughter)’s side.

How much valuable a beauteous fragile daughter is to her father?
Do you know the actual value and importance to have a daughter?
When a daughter is going to marry, from the father’s perspective, you can understand the value of the truth that he is giving you the most precious thing, the shine of his life. And you claim for DOWRY? Isn’t it cruel? This dowry system is immense stress, inter-cranial tension, severe mental depression, and terrible pressure which makes a doll-like sweet-faced daughter, an intolerable burden for her parents.

A daughter is one who hides her inner pain inside herself. She never wants to become a burden for her parents from her little age and that’s her nature. But she desires and strives to support them. At the time of marriage proposals, when the other side claims for a large dowry, A proud uplifted father’s face is forced to lower his eyes. Many times a daughter just rejects proposals not because she doesn’t like the proposal or want to involve with somebody else but not to be a burden on her weakened father’s shoulders.

A daughter struggles a lot in her teen life. Spend her age of marriage in doing jobs, just to be independent enough to look up her marriage expenses. Many daughters remain virgins not only because every father can’t afford expensive dowry but also not see her father’s debtor.

A father give considerable dowry due to social pressure. This dowry has become the biggest expense of one’s life. This causes a massive economic burden on the bride’s family. The Dowry system results in some immoral practices and lowers the women’s status. This system is risen up by society and in the end, the society declares that a girl is a burden for her family. It’s useless to have a daughter. She gives nothing. It’s a curse and shame to be a father of a daughter. And all the society curse ends up being A DAUGHTER.

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