Do Mishaps in Pakistan Reveals Deadliest Flops?

Do Mishaps in Pakistan Reveals Deadliest Flops?

We might have seen the deadliest of mishaps cropping up out of the blue at any well-developed country and woof!
A conundrum to put under strict scrutiny is hailed that surfaces the news- screens, and papers to notify the best response any authority can give at the nick and mend the attention-seeking part.
Unfortunately, the system and its roots have already been sick of many undiagnosed diseases that never come to the attention until they face a severe painful attack!

We have had such attacks, several times, where we are always reminded of our failures, yet many fewer issues of these actually get a response or take responsibility of. Such has been a culture here that we wait for the dead to reach the grave and put the debris of “Who is responsible” upon anyone who is either present or not present in the time.

Perhaps much we come to see are JIT reports and other investigations on board to look into the matter and reach to the crux but hardly we come with any fruitful result within the said decade.

Ghotki Railway Collision has taken lives in dozens and stranded many under the ill performance of unsaid sundry names, who came with the time and never thought to improve anything that is actually used by locals. The train is one of the economic-friendly transport means for many and even the one that has marked its birth since the partition days.
We came to Pakistan by train!

This old is now rotten and oxidized, welded and again oxidized with faultiest engines and tracks. The railway department deprived of finances, action plans, debates, and development is one of the punches in the face of humanity that put lives to an end in several similar accidents. Meanwhile, locals, pay the price whenever there is something disastrous to happen and takes with it many at a time to nudge the people to put forward any action. Today’s plight till the next nerve-racking debacle, we play with lives and make a JIT respond and have court sessions to understand the fault and reach a new government’s next term.

History is flooded with many such flops that now we can just hope not to be on the headline of any chaotic news.