Discussing Psychiatric Upheaval Amid Covid-19

Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health

The fear, dreadful COVID-19 fatal scenes, and an inculcated sense of isolating oneself to be the last safe have still got many of us mentally disturbed.

Acceptance of collateral damage that is beyond any repair either in the form of material or human loss must be our constructing belief of Pandemic severity now. However, in the quest of finding the balance between the disordered elements; balancing for mentally stuck individuals has still a dilemma to get back to normal.

The onset of pandemic COVID-19 last year and it impair beyond any powerful country’s control is one big write to the history; remembering it as one deadliest disease devouring a large population to death, sabotaging economies, isolation, and mental health seemed to be greatly disrupted during the pandemic.  

Pakistan Facts had the privilege to exchange enhanced thoughts about the impact of COVID-19 upon the mental health of masses with Psychologist Anam Amama.

Anam Amama is a certified mental health professional with her academics in Applied Psychology, Child Guidance, and Educational Counseling also providing services to the non-clinical population through Psych Reflections, an E-Counseling Service.

Talking with Pakistan Facts, Anam Amama had shared her valued experiences and observations about COVID-19 and its mental health causalities.  

1. How has Covid-19 affected Children?
Anam Amama: COVID-19 has Psychological and Developmental effects on children, who being patterned to perform their daily tasks including school, outgoing activities, home time got badly confined leaving with no acceptance to be at home completely. They can’t make out to engage themselves and a prior presence of natural lack of communication between family members has resulted in irritability issues.

However, Biological patterns have also seemed to be disturbing, since the phenomenal process of food intake and its digestion is one big concept for young minds to understand as they are devoid of any physical activities.   

2. To what extent Females and Mothers are affected?
Anam Amama says: Irritability issues have been found in both males and females since the family interaction was already divided into different patterns of routine. However, during pandemic females/mothers actively managing tasks 24/7 with the unavailability of a proper vent out has got tempers on rocks and affecting her relatable individuals as well. Hailing the thought of ‘me time’ Amama says all individuals tend to have a substantial personal space.  

3. How the sensation of Anxiety and Depression can be responded to?
Anam Amama emphasized: The credibility of acceptance amongst targeted masses amid Covid-19 is one of the fundamentals to confront what nature has served us all with. She said this is normal to feel anxiety and depression to a certain extent during this crisis.

4. To what length mental health is conceived within Pakistan?
Anam Amama said: Mental Health is stigmatized and overtly underestimated as abnormal behavior in society. She further added that people feel discomfited to consult a professional help openly because this has an absent awareness step in the masses. They simply hide it from the world as having it embarrasses them.

5. Why are we hesitant to accept the Wearing Mask Mindset?
Anam Amama thinks: Pandemic crisis and the advised measures have not yet reached to the individuals in the right frame of understanding towards it. Most people have a wrong mask-wearing habit, while some of us have merchandising ideas however being a must-have-to, it should be a basic free of cost facility among the people of country since there is poverty in the high number.

6. How moral support stimulates better mental health welfare?
Anam Amama believes: Family and friends support as being a person’s natal comfort is the best cure to a rapid recovery. She enhanced the need for a positive attitude toward loved ones in more obliging ways that can reduce the stigma and dilemma to the ones near to a mental breakdown or visible symptoms.

We came to a conclusion through this detailed interaction with the psychologist, Anam Amama that we need the positivity which should be apprehended to face these circumstances . Consistent tap on the shoulder, understanding the need for personal space, accepting the symptoms of any emotion, and seeking professional help is no embarrassing moment. The state of stuck has affected every one of us, it depends on how we cope to keep running in the race of life amid the toughest times of naturally occurring events.

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