Different Thoughts Killing Her Inside

Different thoughts killing her inside

I am still carrying my heart & brain together even after losing my parents by birth and being treated un-humanly for a lifetime. How can I survive?…….

She is just thinking while signing the Nikkah paper. She is entering into someone’s life and afraid of being tortured again for just two words of love & respect.

Is a desire to live a life with dignity & love, not a female’s right or her status different? What else can be the reason?……….

AT this moment, when the newly bridals shine with a romantic glow on face, blink their eyes with love, dressed up with lovey-dovey feelings, apply henna on their hands for the one who holds their feelings…….

She is just feeling that no one is near to give her a shoulder to put her head on and get relaxed, to wipe out
her tears. To make her love, for loving gossips……..

Zhileh Hayaam