Slight Delay In Elections Possible Due To Census 2023: Caretaker Minister

Caretaker Information Minister Murtaza Solangi has indicated the potential for a minor postponement in the forthcoming General Elections, attributing it to the notification of Census 2023. While speaking to an international news channel, he outlined the timelines for the delimitation exercise and subsequent election campaigns mandated by the electoral process.

Delimitation Process and Campaign Period:

Minister Solangi explained that following the notification of the census, the Election Commission of Pakistan requires approximately four months to conduct the delimitation process. Subsequently, a constitutionally mandated 54-day interval is allocated for political parties to organize election campaigns.

Election Date Determination:

Reiterating the Caretaker government’s non-involvement in fixing the election date, Minister Solangi emphasized that this responsibility solely rests with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), a constitutional entity. The Minister highlighted that the electoral watchdog would officially announce the date for the upcoming General Election.

ECP’s Decision and Delimitation Process:

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has determined that conducting general elections within 90 days is unfeasible. The commission’s decision to align the upcoming general election with Census 2023 aims to ensure the integrity of the delimitation process, with the assistance of provincial governments and the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The insights provided by Caretaker Minister Murtaza Solangi shed light on the complexities of the electoral schedule, the function of the ECP, and the possibility of a minor delay in the general elections because of important procedural considerations resulting from the notification of Census 2023.