Daraz and FEMPROW Agreement to Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Daraz and Femprow Agreement: On the occasion of women’s day, Daraz started a women’s entrepreneurship program, by name of “Daraz Ibtida” so that women in Pakistan would be able to build themselves. This initiative brought lots of organizations supporting women on the bright side while the perks enjoyed by “Femprow” a women build-up organization which was founded on a social platform called Facebook in 2015 by Nadia Patel Gaangjee who is an advocate by profession, her organization offers online and offline courses to power-up the women so that they can finance themselves independently. Daraz and Femprow will train these registered sellers who have come through Femprow, these sellers will be trained to learn business ethics and would be able to grow their business at a vast level. Almost more than 2000 women have registered themselves in the Daraz Ibtida Program.

Do you know that how many entrepreneurs are women in Pakistan? Only one percent. This initiative has been taken to increase women’s entrepreneurship from 1% to at least at an appreciable level. As business is the backbone of any economy and our country comprises 50% of women, their contribution may increase GDP. What is Daraz Ibtida? Daraz Ibtida is a program that enables women in Pakistan to create a reliable source of income through Daraz by allowing them to easily establish their internet business and take advantage of amazing bonuses and incentives. With the rise of digital reliance around the world, Pakistan is gradually paving the way for new e-commerce prospects. Daraz is Pakistan’s largest e-commerce company, which seeks to make the best use of its platform by providing equitable chances to all! What are the Women’s Incentives Offered by Daraz Ibtida?

Daraz Ibtida program gives the following benefits and incentives to all female entrepreneurs throughout Pakistan: ▪️0% commission for 90 days ▪️Free Packaging ▪️Free access to Daraz University for online selling and e-commerce courses ▪️Free access to Daraz Seller Marketplace for marketing insights and business performance tools ▪️Free Storage of the products at Daraz Warehouse for orders Fulfilled by Daraz.

Written by Maham Bashir & Narmeen Khan