CSS Phobia

CSS Phobia

During the last few months, I observe that people are suffering from an invisible phobia of competitive exams especially, CSS. Indeed without having a phobia you cannot be succeeded. But, do you really know how to act and deal with your high goals and dreams?

On my last paper of final exams, one of my class fellows asks a question me which was indeed shocking for me. She said: Which university is best for CSS? I’m seriously willing to do it. Before I can understand her real matter she further added that her father-in-law forces her to do so. It takes some moments to control my senses. How can is this possible that Just because someone says it to you, you are ready to do it? And after a while, I become able to say something.

My first question was. Do you please abbreviate the term CSS? And on her reaction, I hardly control my laugh. She doesn’t know even CSS stands for what? How she can say yes!? In case that she even doesn’t know about the ABCD of CSS. I did not pay much attention to that incident but, last night I received a call from another fellow who was also willing to do CSS. Because, if people did not familiar with the term CSS after completing their master’s degree? Then what they have to do with their life on earth? After receiving her call I really feel to write for the awareness of the people.

First of all, CSS is not something to do but it is a competitive exam held every year for the 17th scale jobs all over the country conducted under FPSC (federal public service commission). And CSS stands for central superior services. There are twelve subjects which you have to select from a number of subjects offered by FPSC. Six subjects are compulsory and six subjects you have to select according to your area of interest under some rules and regulations.

There is not any university offering this course but it is entirely your self-based study and knowledge. There are several academies in this regard that educate you about the real sense of CSS. But, 80% of your success based on your own abilities and willing quality to do it. If someone knows the apt use of their social media accounts then success is not so far for them. This is not child’s play which people are considering now a day. And only bookish knowledge is not
enough for success. You have to be interlinked with the affairs of all across the globe.

Sharpened your eyes on-ground realities of the current situation of the world and its relation with the past. Historical sense and critical analysis are the keys of CSS aspirants. Force yourself to read between the lines. Good and habitual readers are blessed in this case. The real strugglers are those who have to prepare before they enter the battlefield. And if you are not ready to do your daily homework by your own self-achievement may remain a dream then. We are living in the multimedia century and every piece of information lay behind a single click. You can easily goggle it and get to know and how about anything in this world. The purpose of writing is not to say that someone is not eligible but, you can be eligible if you prepare yourself. It seems like most people want to just appear only for fame that people consider being brilliant ones. Brilliant are those who work in silence and their achievements tell the stories of their brilliance. Do not make yourself a laughing stoke. CSS is a serious and biggest competitive exam in Pakistan. Do not take it childishly. If you dream it you are eligible for it but, stay serious and stay focused. As one of my well-wishers said to me that:’’ Dreams without any practical implementations always be a dream’’.

‘’Television is not real life. In real life, people actually leave the coffee shop and go to the jobs’’.


So, come into real life and go to your jobs if you really aspire to be an officer one day