Complexities Within Complexity

complexities within complexity

The complexity of life always surround a man’s soul,
His mind
And his whole
Complexity of Acceptance
Complexity of Rejection
Complexity of connection
Complexity of communication
Complexity of emotions
Complexity of understandings
Complexity of misunderstandings
A Complex circle of life encapsulates these circles of complexities.
Like a balloon filled with air contains air molecules that move, collide or cross each other.
Filled with complexities of Love, Compassion, and care…
And Complexity of being very unfair…
Complexities of being Rare
Complexities of being Mere
Complexities of being bare
Complexities of being Fair
When you believe complexities are gone,
They smile at your face while saying “Hey We Are Here”.

Noor-Ul-Ain Khawaja